The Edit Bureau is an expert writing and editing service focused on academic and corporate writing, such as journal articles, reports, grant submissions, and online content.


We don't claim to be the best in our field, but we are very good. We know this because of the number of repeat clients we have both here in Australia and overseas, and the number of 'revise and resubmit' peer-reviewed articles we have seen through to publication in the increasingly competitive field of academic writing. 

Katherine Bell

Apart from the past five years working on a range of research projects in Australia and overseas for both universities and private research organisations, Katherine's background is predominantly in the corporate sector. An unorthodox trajectory of industry experience first and tertiary learning later has given Katherine a unique and robust blend of 'real world' and theoretical expertise.  Currently undertaking a Masters in Business (Leadership) to formalise almost 30 years of industry experience across private, publicly-listed, multi-national, charitable, government, research, and higher education organisations, Katherine has developed an outstanding  reputation for her writing skills and professionalism which sees her consistently sought out to work on projects where communication of a high calibre is critical.  

Joe's experience is primarily academic, with a background in psychology and philosophy, and previous roles in psychology and education at Flinders University and the University of Adelaide. Joe is a published author in the fields of public health, education, and medicine, and he has produced work for academic journals, the Cancer Council, Cancer Australia, and the Cochrane Collaboration. He has also acted as a visiting scientist at CSIRO and a reviewer for the Medical Journal of Australia. 

As a social science researcher Joe is a stickler for academic rigour and clarity. He is committed to helping produce work that is statistically sound, scientifically valid, and logically intact. Most of all, he is concerned with ensuring that messages are conveyed clearly.

Joe Miller

We met while working on a major research project in the health sector. It's not every day you come across a kindred spirit in excellence, so we soon recognised that we had an opportunity to join forces and get to work in addressing gaps in the quality of non-fiction writing. Our backgrounds are diverse yet complementary, combining academic and real-world experience to bring our clients the best of both worlds. We are single-minded in our championing of the written word, and our exacting approach to well-crafted prose and academic rigour.  

Being a good writer and editor is not just about correcting grammar or syntax, it's about understanding context. We have such broad experience that there's not much we can't grasp - we've worked with content from education to engineering; marketing to medicine. We also have many years' experience providing outstanding written content at CEO and Board level within the corporate sector, and we consistently work with academics from post doctoral to professor level across a broad range of disciplines.

We are great partners in any writing endeavour - skillful, informed, and highly experienced.

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our services.

​EDITING. We offer an extensive range of editing services, depending on your requirements, budget, and level of English. At the most basic level, we provide assistance with proofreading, incorporating spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure. At a more advanced level, we provide copyediting, which involves attention to writing style, tone and paragraph structure. We can also assist with referencing, formatting, and basic statistical advice. 

WRITING. From an academic perspective, we are experienced in writing reports from raw data (qualitative and quantitative) and grant submissions (including ARC and NHMRC). From a corporate perspective, we have worked on writing annual reports, case studies, marketing material, and online content.

LITERATURE REVIEW. We have several years' experience working with academics on a broad range of subjects. We are experienced in conducting literature searches, organising publications into EndNote reference libraries, and writing full literature reviews.

EXPERIENCE. We are experienced in editing, writing, and research within the following disciplines:

  • HEALTH (public health, Indigenous health, medicine, medical technology, and psychology)

  • EDUCATION (primary, secondary, and tertiary)

  • BUSINESS (economics, marketing, human resources, management, leadership and entrepreneurship)






  • COMPUTER SCIENCE (machine learning).


our work.


Below is a select sample of our work in recent years which demonstrates our multi-disciplinary experience.

Authored/co-authored publications

Miller, J. L., Wilson, K., Miller, J., & Enomoto, K. (2016). Humorous materials to enhance active learning. Higher Education Research and Development.

Behnia-Willison, F., Reza Pour, N., Mohamadi, B., Willison, N., Rock, M., Holten, I. W., O’Shea, R., & Miller, J. (2016). Use of platelet-rich plasma for vulvovaginal autoimmune conditions like lichen sclerosus. PRS Global Open, 4(11): e1124.


Miller, J., Wilson, K., & Miller, J. L. (2015). Online resources to support international students’ English language development. Sydney, Australia: Office for Learning and Teaching.


Miller, J., Prichard, I., Wilson, C., Hutchinson, A., & Wilson, C. (2014). The relationship between exposure to alcohol-related content on Facebook and predictors of alcohol consumption among female emerging adults. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 17(12): 735-741.


Skaczkowski, G., Hayman, T., Strelan, P., Miller, J., & Knott, V. (2013). Complementary medicine and recovery from cancer: the importance of post-traumatic growth. European Journal of Cancer Care, 22(4), 474.

Western Research Institute. (2013). Research case studies. In James Cook University: Impacts on the Regional and State Economies, Contribution of Human Capital, and Impacts of Research (pp. 43-75). Bathurst: Western Research Institute.

Western Research Institute. (2013). Literature review on the social impacts of mining closure.  In Cadia Valley Operations Economic and Social Impacts Report, Newcrest Mining Limited. Bathurst: Western Research Institute.


Edited publications

Neher, A. (2017). The effect of SME firm size on embedded managerial values. European Academy of Management (EURAM 2017) Glasgow, 21-24 June.


Moeller, M., & Maley, J. (2017). MNC consideration in identifying and managing LGB expatriate stigmatisation. International Journal of Management Reviews, epub ahead of print. doi 10.111/ijmr.12132

Jungmeister, A. (2016). Reflection and reflexivity in the research process: enhance innovation, increase quality.  An introduction for lawyers, canonists, social economists and business economists. Newcastle upon Tyne, England: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Mehmet, M. I., & Clarke, R. I. (2016). B2B social media semantics: analysing multimodal online meanings in marketing conversations. Industrial Marketing Management, 54, 92-106.

Paul, M., Xiao, R., Gao, J., & Bossomaier, T. (2016). Reflectance prediction modelling for residual-based hyperspectral image coding. PLoS ONE, 11(10), e0161212.


Parvez, M. Z. &  Paul, M. (2016). Seizure prediction using undulated global and local features. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, December 2016. doi: 10.1109/TBME.2016.2553131


Vidickiene, D., Melnikiene, R., & Gedminaite-Raudone, Z. (2016). The influence of the post-industrial economy on economic cooperation needs and forms. Paper presented to The International Cooperative Conference, Lucerne, Switzerland, 15 September 2016.

Neher, A. (2016). The influence of the embedment of managerial values on the corporate financial performance of small and medium-sized Swiss enterprises. PhD thesis. Charles Sturt University, Bathurst.

Gainsford, A. (2016). Understanding andragogy methods supporting the Melbourne Business School MURRA Indigenous Business Program to develop Indigenous businesses in Australia. Honours thesis. Charles Sturt University, Bathurst.

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Pricing varies according to the detail of the work. As there are many factors that can impact upon how quickly we can work (such as the standard of your writing, the level of editing you require, the style, and the subject matter) we usually ask that you send a sample of your document to us first. 

You can be assured of absolute confidentiality – we will not discuss your work with a third party, and we only retain documents we work on for quality assurance purposes.

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